It’s our shared responsibility to fight hate

Our state’s motto is simply “Hope.” For many right now, feelings of hope may feel distant and difficult to achieve. But we must remember, we all have a responsibility to one …

From the publisher

A plan to create a stronger Jewish community

Friday, October 2, 2020

In December 2019 I sat in a Newport living room with more than 25 members of our community, and I listened. The group was diverse in age, diverse in denomination, and diverse in politics and …

d'Var Torah

Diversity enriches Judaism

There are 54 portions in the Torah. Only six of the portion titles include the names of people, three of whom were Israelites (Sarah, Korach and Pinchas) and three of whom were not (Noach, Yitro and …

Live up to your name

We too often view criticism as disloyalty

It’s not a sin to argue with God

Editor's column

The editor’s life, in all its messiness

Oy, the things on my desk! I’m not just the editor of a newspaper, I’m also a subscriber and get a copy mailed to my home. Then I get lots of extra copies at my office. But …

You may not agree with everything we print – and that’s fine

Spread light during this dark December

What binds Jews together is stronger than our disagreements

Something for everyone in our online community calendar

Mike Fink

There’s more to Columbus than meets the eye

Did you know that a pigeon is a dove and that the word “columbus” means just that in Latin, the bird that makes a cooing, melancholy melody over all the continents and builds …

Larry Kessler

Ups and downs of the ‘new normal’

Friday, October 2, 2020

In the summer of 2019, well before our lives were upended by the seemingly never-ending “new normal,” I wrote a column about how my wife and I were about to become empty-nesters. At that …

From the archives

From generation to generation

Seventy years ago, David Charak Adelman saw his idea for a new organization become a reality. For many years, Adelman had been collecting “Rhode Island Americana” – printed …

Spring cleaning reveals old memories

Spring of 1951 revisited

The beautiful tea cups nobody wants