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Film archivist Becca Bender takes R.I.’s hidden history into the public eye

When Becca Bender arrived in Providence in 2018, the staff at the Rhode Island Historical Society was euphoric. In all its 196 years, RIHS had never employed a film archivist.

“I really liked the physicality of film,” says Bender, who studied film production at Vassar College. “I liked that you cut and splice it.”

Watch to the end for historical footage of the Jewish Community Center.

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Meet R.I.’s new Israeli emissary

Sunday, October 10

If you ask his favorite superhero, Amit Moshe Oren will tell you that it’s Batman. When he was 15, Oren saw the film “The Dark Knight,” and the exploits of the Caped Crusader …
Community News

The Evening(s) of Jewish Renaissance returns!

Sunday, October 10

An award-winning chef and an Israeli model/actress, an Israeli settler rabbi and a Palestinian refugee, a Bible scholar and a comedian, a magazine editor and a European activist are all among the …

The Jewish community needs your help on Super Sunday

Sunday, October 10

The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island is seeking volunteers to help with its annual Super Sunday fundraiser, which will be held Sunday, Dec. 5, 9 a.m.-noon. This year, the Alliance is …

Hear our podcast trailer now!

Monday, September 13

Chutzpah! is a podcast exploring the personal side of leadership. In upcoming shows, host Adam Greenman sits down with innovators and leaders from across Rhode Island’s Jewish community to learn what true leadership means to them. Join us as we identify strengths, challenges and favorite moments, and discuss how human connection is what’s really behind the titles we hold. Full episodes coming this October.

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Ramblings on the times of our lives

Life is in transition again. Nature is doing its annual shift from long, hot summer days to dark, cool fall evenings. As I write this, our backyard is showing a scattering of yellow and brown …

New year, new thought: Let’s embrace what’s good right now

Precious memories, neatly boxed

Jewish Rhody Media: The future is here

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Our pets need to adjust to post-pandemic life too


Jeannette Gurwitz, 78

Tuesday, September 14

Beverly Feldman, 78

Monday, September 13

Selma Aronson, 100

Monday, September 13

Mildred Beck, 103

Monday, September 13

Marian Goldstein, 95

Monday, September 13

Donald Elkins, 80

Monday, September 13

Joel Dain, 89

Monday, September 13

When Martin Buber wrote, in his classic book, “I and Thou” (“Ich und Du,” 1923), that “all real living is meeting,” little could he have envisaged the nuanced …
Who is Melville’s Ishmael?

“Call me Ishmael.” This oft-quoted opening sentence from Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” is a call to confusing ambiguity. Who is this Ishmael? Is he Melville …


Some businesses responded to COVID-19 with positive changes

Sunday, October 10

There have been many changes and adaptations in the business world during the COVID-19 pandemic that have improved productivity and the quality of work, and that exemplify connection and …

Endowments help the Jewish community

Sunday, October 10

Maybe you have only heard the word “endowment” in relation to higher education – maybe “endowed professor” or “endowed chair.”  But have you ever hought about what “endowment” means? …

Letters to the Editor

Burlington (Vt.) BDS resolution

Saturday, October 9

RI Coalition for Israel (RICI) issued an “Action Alert” to the community in regard to this dangerous proposed resolution (Inside Jewish Rhode Island, September), and we are happy to …

Column kudos

Monday, September 6

Fran Ostendorf’s wonderful article “Precious memories, neatly boxed” (August 2021) won top kudos in our home – and heart. Her disinterred boxes, filled, in part, with old, …


Impossible Pork is here — but the plant-based meat won’t be certified as kosher

Sunday, October 10

(JTA) — Impossible Foods, the plant-based meat company, is releasing a long-awaited new product – but unlike the wildly popular Impossible Burger, it won’t be certified …

Featured video

Watch the video: Liza Burkin is clearing a path for R.I. bicyclists

As Rhode Island emerges from COVID-19’s shadow, Burkin and her collaborators have big plans for the state capital.

“In Providence, we are so lucky,” she says. “Any city that was built before the car is inherently a good city for cycling.”

Burkin is excited about several major developments in self-powered transportation in Rhode Island.

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