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Breaking the glass

Jewish Rhody Media launches podcast on multifaith relationships

Wednesday, November 16

Intermarriage. It’s been whispered about for years. Who we marry and their faith or spirituality can divide families and communities.  But intermarriage is growing. “Breaking the Glass,” a new six-episode podcast from Jewish Rhody Media, will explore multifaith relationships. With religious engagement in decline and polarization becoming more common, podcast producer and host Emma Newbery talked to people who are making these relationships work despite challenges and the experts who are helping …
Podcast: Episode One

In the news

Loan company SoFi pulls ad after criticism that it features an antisemitic stereotype

(JTA) – Rhonda Moore was alarmed when she saw the ad for a student-loan refinancing company that featured what she believed was a stereotypical dishonest Jewish banker.  In the ad, for …
In Our Community

Watch the video: Dick Shapiro, 92, does things his way

Dick Shapiro doesn’t have a smartphone. He doesn’t have a computer, which makes his desk look strangely empty. His company, East Greenwich-based Special Delivery, distributes periodicals across Rhode Island, but it has neither a website nor a social media presence.

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Editor's column

This Hanukkah, spread the light

It seems like we could all use a little more light in our lives right now. Light gives us joy. It opens our eyes to the world around us and cancels the darkness. And there sure is a lot of …

Silence is just not acceptable

It’s a season of new possibilities

Looking back, looking forward


Dr. Maurice Bermon, 78

Monday, November 28

Robert Cooper, 72

Monday, November 28

Molly Granoff, 93

Monday, November 28

Janice Temkin-Irvin, 93

Monday, November 28

Adam Gilstein, 54

Sunday, November 27

Shirley Konicov, 93

Sunday, November 27

Nancy Lieberman, 73

Sunday, November 27

Yehuda Amichai (1924-2000) is Israel’s best-known contemporary poet; his work has been translated into 40 languages.  In my bookcase stand several of Amichai’s volumes in the Hebrew …
Not all small ‘things’ are just tchotchkes

Edmund de Waal’s “The Hare with Amber Eyes” is about many things. Towards the very end of the 350-page book, the author confesses, “I no longer know if this book is about my …

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D'var Torah

The message of Hanukkah is more relevant than ever

3 days ago

The Torah portion Vayetze describes Jacob’s vision of a ladder stretching between heaven and Earth: “He dreamed, and lo – a stairway was set on the ground with its top reaching to …

Letters to the Editor

Keep speaking out

3 days ago

Excellent editorial (November 2022).  With the midterms , people voted and expressed what they want and do not want. We must continue to persevere and value our democracy. We must speak out …

Delightful story

3 days ago

What a delight it was to read the story of Dick Shapiro (November 2022) – and to watch the video – which I learned of from the emailed newsletter Inside Jewish Rhode Island. The …


Crowd-pleasing Filipino lumpia blends traditions

3 days ago

The most delicious, comforting recipes are often the simplest, especially if they come with a bushel of history and soul. My Jewish husband’s grandmother (Grandma Esta) made the best brisket …