Change is in the air

What happened to the summer?


The heat and humidity remain, but the calendar says late August, and that can only mean summer is winding down. There are still plenty of days left for outdoor activities, but only a few more really good beach days.

This is a season of hope and promise.

We are in the month of Elul, a month of preparation and introspection. The new year is on the horizon. The High Holy Days are coming.

All of the end-of-summer events collide this year, as the kids are going back to school, too.

Throughout my life I’ve always welcomed this time of year with anticipation.

As a kid, going back to school was fraught with nervous anticipation, but never dread. As a college student, going back to school was welcomed.  As a parent, I had  mixed feelings.

And throughout my life, the High Holy Days were always eagerly anticipated as a time for family.

When you work in a building that houses Jewish agencies, and there are children all around, this time of year is even more fun to watch and participate in. There are still children attending camp, for a few more days. Then the little ones return to preschool and the afterschool kids come back.  And pretty soon, all are participating in the Rosh Hashanah traditions.

In this crazy, chaotic and harried time, it’s nice to remember that life cycles will always be there.

As we look toward 5779, it’s hard to believe that another year has gone by.

You may wonder why we’ve chosen to publish our Rosh Hashanah issue more than two weeks before the holiday. Well, sometimes we walk a tightrope between getting you the news too early and being too late. This is one of those times. Yes, it’s Aug. 24, the 13th of Elul. But the next issue doesn’t appear until Sept. 7 and Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Sept. 9.  Unfortunately, due to the way the mail is delivered, some of you won’t get that issue before the start of the holiday.

In addition to stories about our community like a report on the reading of the George Washington letter and an article on the merger of Kollel and Project Shoresh, you’ll find this issue filled with ads and articles related to Rosh Hashanah. Please take a close look and consider patronizing the businesses that choose to advertise in The Jewish Voice. By spending their hard-earned advertising dollars with us, they are investing in the paper and the community.  And be sure to tell them where you saw their ad. That lets them know that there is value in advertising in your Jewish Voice.

And there is another important cycle on the calendar that should grab your attention: the state primary election, on Wednesday, Sept. 12.  The deadline for registration has passed for this election. The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 6. You must register to vote in this election by Oct. 7.

Massachusetts has a statewide primary election on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Please remember to vote. We live in a country where our voices are heard, but they cannot be heard unless you exercise your right to vote. No matter what your political opinion or viewpoint, voting is your right and your duty as a citizen.

Let’s start the new year off right by participating in your community.

L’shanah tovah!