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Dietrich compared love to “a summer with a thousand Julys,” and Garbo prayed merely to “Give us our moment!”   Judy Garland pleaded, “Birds fly over the rainbow, … more
It’s the time of year to eat white foods, and maybe also to remember your first sip of the white blessing at your mother’s breast. My wife is a heroic and devoted lactation … more
Sea winds pierce our solitude. That’s how Ralph Waldo Emerson described the month of May.  I see it quite differently. Yes, it’s a moon I would describe to bless Mother’s … more
Poets praise folly, perhaps to protect their art form from harsh assaults. Poets praise folly, perhaps to protect their art form from harsh assaults. I have excerpted a few lyrical … more
Surely I can’t be the first to note the close spelling of “Hamas” and the villainous “Haman,” who is so evil that we use rattles to drown out his very name. But the … more
Trees have spoken to me pretty much all my life: Every day is Tu B’Shevat to me! Yeah, I learned from poems, even Joyce Kilmer’s famous lines, which turned into the lyrics to the … more
Aesop, of the Fables, was taken hostage and enslaved by the Athenian Greeks: Is the central moral of his tales, in any sense, Jewish? Well, the very word , or name, “Aesop” is … more
Of my many sabbatical semesters throughout my six-decade career at the Rhode Island School of Design, my favorite journey was a mere nearby jaunt around Rhode Island, a trip of only a few hours. … more
If I were to produce an accounting of my nearly nine decades, it would honestly consist mostly of trivia, mini-tragedies of my own shortcomings and idle goings, hardly worth further attention. I … more
Kids’ picture books present variations on the Torah tales, inviting each young scholar to test his/her imagination and let their innocent interpretive skills go to work while they play. … more
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