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Baking with Lisa video: The sufganiyot recipe you’ve been waiting for

Hanukkah is in my favorite season. Yes, you read that right: I love the wintertime! The snow, the big sweaters and, of course, the holiday baking make a perfect combination for gathering and celebrating.

My earliest memory of Hanukkah is watching “A Rugrats Chanukah” on VHS and helping my mom grate potatoes by hand for latkes, before we discovered the magic of food processors.

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Community News

Meet R.I.’s new Israeli emissary

Sunday, October 10

If you ask his favorite superhero, Amit Moshe Oren will tell you that it’s Batman. When he was 15, Oren saw the film “The Dark Knight,” and the exploits of the Caped Crusader …
Community News

Evenings of Jewish Renaissance return

Sunday, October 10

An award-winning chef and an Israeli model/actress, an Israeli settler rabbi and a Palestinian refugee, a Bible scholar and a comedian, a magazine editor and a European activist are all among the presenters at this year’s Evenings of Jewish Renaissance. The program has been reimagined for the times in which we are living and will take place mostly over Zoom, Sunday through Tuesday, Nov. 14 to 16.

The Jewish community needs your help on Super Sunday

Sunday, October 10

The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island is seeking volunteers to help with its annual Super Sunday fundraiser, which will be held Sunday, Dec. 5, 9 a.m.-noon. This year, the Alliance is …

Jewish Rhody Media debuts Chutzpah!

Wednesday, October 20

Chutzpah! is a podcast exploring the personal side of leadership. Host Adam Greenman, CEO of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, sits down with innovators and leaders from across Rhode Island’s Jewish community to learn what true leadership means to them. Join us as we identify strengths, challenges and favorite moments, and discuss how human connection is what’s really behind the titles we hold.

Episode 4: Michele Lederberg

In episode four, Michele Lederberg of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island discusses what it means to be a present and proactive leader. From the strong moral compass of Judaism to the …

Episode 3: Neil Steinberg

In episode three, Neil Steinberg of the Rhode Island Foundation discusses leadership in the nonprofit world. From his early beginnings, featuring a challah the size of a table, to stepping up when the going gets tough, Neil's guiding principle is that leadership is created in a void.
Editor's column

A tribute to a much-loved tree

There will be no more weeping for the willow in my backyard. Sometime in the wee hours of a recent Wednesday morning, what was left of the once majestic, multi-trunk tree came crashing down. No …

Ramblings on the times of our lives

New year, new thought: Let’s embrace what’s good right now

Precious memories, neatly boxed

Jewish Rhody Media: The future is here

Show your support for local Jewish journalism


Joseph Beckler, 99

Yesterday at 3:53 PM

Selma Beckler, 93

Yesterday at 3:51 PM

Sonya Garfinkle, 99

Yesterday at 3:49 PM

Judith Helfgott, 81

Yesterday at 3:47 PM

Gloria Lefkowitz, 88

Yesterday at 3:43 PM

Mark Leyfman, 76

Yesterday at 3:42 PM

Helen Abrams, 102

Tuesday, November 16

I have known Mark Binder – author, story-teller, longtime resident of Providence’s East Side – for decades. During my 33 years as rabbi of Temple Habonim, in Barrington, Binder …
The complexities of meeting are well worth it

When Martin Buber wrote, in his classic book, “I and Thou” (“Ich und Du,” 1923), that “all real living is meeting,” little could he have envisaged the nuanced …

Other news

Just added to the calendar: Hanukkah events!

The City of Providence Hanukkah “Spectaculah” is a free community celebration that brings food, music, drinks, candle-lighting and art to Biltmore Park in downtown Providence on Sunday Dec. 5, from 3 to 6 p.m. …

Roots works toward recognition, respect

Commemoration of the Jewish exodus from Arab lands

JFF’s donor advised funds make charitable giving easy

The Miriam’s Women’s Association treated to a talk by Ann Hood and husband, Michael Ruhlman

JCS honors longtime community supporters


Some businesses responded to COVID-19 with positive changes

Sunday, October 10

There have been many changes and adaptations in the business world during the COVID-19 pandemic that have improved productivity and the quality of work, and that exemplify connection and …

Endowments help the Jewish community

Sunday, October 10

Maybe you have only heard the word “endowment” in relation to higher education – maybe “endowed professor” or “endowed chair.”  But have you ever hought about what “endowment” means? …

Letters to the Editor

Burlington (Vt.) BDS resolution

Saturday, October 9

RI Coalition for Israel (RICI) issued an “Action Alert” to the community in regard to this dangerous proposed resolution (Inside Jewish Rhode Island, September), and we are happy to …

Column kudos

Monday, September 6

Fran Ostendorf’s wonderful article “Precious memories, neatly boxed” (August 2021) won top kudos in our home – and heart. Her disinterred boxes, filled, in part, with old, …


Andrew Zimmern’s Perfect Potato Latkes Recipe

Sunday, November 7

These potato latkes are so good that posting the recipe alone is a mitzvah of the highest order. The Festival of Lights refers to a lamp in the temple that was supposed to have …

Featured video

Watch the video: Liza Burkin is clearing a path for R.I. bicyclists

As Rhode Island emerges from COVID-19’s shadow, Burkin and her collaborators have big plans for the state capital.

“In Providence, we are so lucky,” she says. “Any city that was built before the car is inherently a good city for cycling.”

Burkin is excited about several major developments in self-powered transportation in Rhode Island.

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